For two years now, Stourbridge DFAS Heritage Volunteers have been involved in an archive project at Hagley Hall .

In that time many boxes (stored all over the Hall) have been diligently inspected, sorted into date order, numbered and a précis written of the contents of each box on a piece of paper ready for computer entry. All the boxes contain historical information about either the Lyttelton family or the estate.

In May, Hagley Hall is playing host to National AGM members and we are hoping to display some fruits of our labours then.

It was hoped that the project was nearing completion until more boxes, stashed away in a far flung cupboard, were discovered . . .

We have between 15 and 20 volunteers, some attending each Monday morning, others coming when they can. Any help is always welcome  - with tea, coffee and biscuits an added incentive.

In the past we have been involved with projects at Harvington Hall, Kidderminster Carpet Museum, and Kinver Edge.

 We have three potential new projects in the pipeline and are looking to recruit volunteers. Possible projects are - Harvington Hall for their photographic collection,The Lace Guild at Audnam for their archives and The White House Cone for both their pattern books and oral history research.

If anyone is interested in joining our team they are most welcome. Please contact Frederica Kelly at