Many congratulations indeed to our Heritage Volunteer group, who have been involved in a major project at Harvington Hall.  Led by Elizabeth Mountford, Volunteer members John Wade, Ken and Marilyn Baker, Anna Kingsley Curry, Peter van Geersdaele and Annie Harris have collated, identified, sorted and catalogued every one of more than 4000 pictures, photographs and drawings of the buildings and grounds, which have been accumulating over many years at the Hall.  Particular thanks go to John Wade, who has created a comprehensive database of all this material, which can be used in future for archiving, referencing and research purposes.  Our Volunteers will soon be presenting their work to the Hall Management Committee, but some of your Committee members were given a ‘sneak preview’ and were quite blown away !   This outstanding project deserves wide recognition, and we will be sharing more details with you in the coming months.  Congratulations again to everyone involved !